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November 24 , 2008

Dear College Store Customer:

At this time of year, we receive many questions from college stores about new editions. We know that stores need to have accurate title information before end-of-term buyback and spring term ordering.

You can find a list of your store's new editions through your "My New Editions"button on the home page. This link takes you to a store-specific list of new editions for the titles you have purchased from us. There is no need to sift through a list of all of our new editions - just check this list that is already tailored to your store.

We also want to make you aware of the titles for which the old edition will no longer be available. This information will be very helpful as you edit your faculty requisitions and build your spring orders. Orders for these titles will be automatically substituted with the new edition.

You can also reach our Customer Service Department at higheredcs@cengage.com .

Cengage Learning's Automatically Substituted New Edition (leave this line linked to the list)

Thanks ,

Nancy Atkinson
College Store Marketing Specialist
Cengage Learning

Cengage Learnings Automatically Substituted New Edition