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In-Store eTextbooks

November 2009

Students are buying eBooks...Are you selling eBooks?

ANNOUNCING a way to sell eTextBooks through your store!

How many titles have in-store eTextBooks?

How are In-Store eTextbooks packaged?

In-Store eTextbooks are 5" by 8" shrink-wrapped packets with the access codes inside.

What is the price of the in-store eTextbooks?

We recommended that the college store's price for the in-store eTextBook equal 50% off the suggested list price of the print version -- the same price charged on CengageBrain.com. The net price to bookstores is 15% off the suggested list price of the eTextbook. Use the Service Plus "Price and Availability" or "Fast Order Entry" features to research the net pricing.

Purchase In-Store eTextbooks directly from Cengage and:

Offer your students additional choices in your store. Give your students on financial aid the ability to purchase our eTextbooks from your store. Use this customizable shelf tag to help identify this new in-store eTextbook product.

How do student purchasers activate their eTextbooks?

After making their purchases at your store, students activate their eTextbook access codes on CengageBrain.com

What is the benefit to the college store?

Our in-store eTextbooks are 100% returnable if they are in new and unopened condition. This allows stores to accept returns from students if the package has not been opened.

What if I have a professor interested in a title that is not on the list?

Let your Cengage Learning representative know which title your instructor requested and we will publish an in-store eBook version. Guide your students to CengageBrain.com to purchase those titles as eTextbooks and you can also earn "click-through" commissions for these sales by joining the CengageBrain.com affiliate program.

NEW In-Store eTextBook Program flyer

Many stores have been asking us, "How can I sell your eTextbooks in my store?" Offer this choice to your students in your store this fall. To help you sell this new product line to your students, student marketing tools for in-store eTextbooks can be found on the Service Plus website's CengageBrain.com page.


Please contact your Cengage Rep or Customer Service at cengagebrain.affiliate@cengage.com with any questions about this new product line.