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October 30, 2007

Cengage Learning Clicker Revisions

Cengage Learning has made some significant changes with our JoinIn Student Response System program ("clickers") that are important for you to know. These changes are intended to provide better service for our customers-instructors, students, and you.

These changes are effective immediately, impacting your Winter 2007/ Spring 2008 order fulfillment:

  • We no longer offer bundles containing our products with the physical clicker hardware. Instead, we will offer bundles containing a $10 Rebate Coupon that students can redeem from the clicker vendor. Students must purchase the clickers in your store in order to claim their rebate.
  • In addition to our current partnership with Turning Technologies (Turning Point Student Response System), we are now also working with iClicker. Therefore, our Rebate Coupons will offer a $10 rebate on RF and XR clickers from Turning Technologies or the RF clicker from iClicker.
  • Students must purchase the clicker in your store and provide proof of that purchase in order to redeem their coupon. Detailed instructions on how to redeem their rebate are provided to students on the coupon they receive in their bundle.
  • To order clicker hardware, and to receive customer service and technical support from our partners, please contact them directly:
    iClicker Sales: (866) 209-5698
    TurningTechnologies' Sales: (866) 746-3015
    In order to make sure you are ordering the correct bundle ISBN for Cengage Learning products with a Rebate Coupon, please contact your local Cengage Learning Representative. For additional information, answers to a few relevant questions are featured below. If you have additional questions about the JoinIn Student Response System rebate coupon offer, please contact Cengage Learning customer support at 800-354-9706 or higheredcs@cengage.com.

    Cengage Learning

Q: Can I use bundle ISBNS I have used in the past when ordering a specific product bundled with a clicker?
A: No. You will need new bundle ISBNS for rebate coupon bundles that can be obtained from your Cengage Learning representative. We are encouraging our sales representatives to provide their customer with existing clicker adoptions the new bundle ISBNs. Please contact your Cengage Learning representative to assist you with specific orders.

Q: How do I manage remaining inventory of previously ordered bundles that contain clickers? Can I still return them?
A: Yes, assuming the bundle still meets the requirements associated with our bundle return policy (ie still shrink-wrapped) you may return it to our warehouse as you would any other bundled item. Stand alone clickers that were purchased from a vendor should be returned directly to that vendor.

Q: How do students redeem their $10 Rebate Coupon? Will I be affected by that rebate?
A: Students will need proof of purchase of the stand-alone clicker from your store (receipt), along with proof of purchase provided on the clicker packaging to redeem their coupon. They redeem their coupon directly with the manufacturer. Specific instructions for students, including an expiration date, are provided on the rebate coupon itself.

Q: Does the rebate coupon add any cost to the bundle?
A: No. The Rebate Coupon is added to the bundle at no charge.

Q: Can I order separate, stand-alone rebate coupons?
A: No. The Rebate Coupon is not a for sale item.

Q: My school works with other clicker vendors. Will your rebate coupon apply to those vendors as well?
A: No. Other publishers, however, have partnerships with other vendors and offer rebate coupons. To explore further, you can contact either the publisher or the vendor directly.

Q: How will I know to order a supply of clickers for any given course?
A: With all current and new adoptions using either the Turning Point or iClicker system, our sales representatives complete an adoption form that notifies the specific vendor that an adoption exists. You should be contacted by a representative from either Turning Technologies or iClicker about those orders. To place the hardware order, you will work directly with them. iClicker Sales: (866) 209-5698 TurningTechnologies' Sales: (866) 746-3015.

Q. I have a professor who is an IR clicker user. Can I continue to get an IR clicker package or at least an IR coupon?
A: We are not offering bundled IR Clickers (IR or IRXL) or an IR Coupon. Users can continue to order clickers directly from Turning Technology at sales@turningtechnologies.com. However, we will not offer a clicker coupon for the IR or IRXL systems.