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Permission Requests for Re-use of Cengage Learning Material

The Granting Department is Cengage Learning's main contact point for all college bookstores requesting permission to re-use Cengage Learning material as follows:

  • Photocopies, course packs, and temporary copies while waiting for late books to arrive (order fulfillment).
  • Electronic use: eReserves; copies of audio tapes, video tapes and CDs; placing material on a website and loading software onto computers or central servers.
  • Electronic files for the disabled: Via the school's office of disability, a request for text in an alternative format can either be requested from the AccessText Network at or by submitting a request directly to us at For additional information on our Accessible Products for Students & Instructors with Disabilities, please go to

Every request for permission to use Cengage Learning Academic Material in the manner described above must come through the Granting Department. Please submit your requests online at and mention any special circumstances, including your sales rep's name, in the notes field at the end of the request. Once a request has been submitted you will receive an email confirmation with your request ID number.

Customers who wish to follow up on a request can contact the Granting Group at, referencing the request ID number received via the web site.

For other questions not addressed here, please contact Karen Lee, Granting Manager at Cengage Learning, via email at or by phone at 650.413.7438.

Quick tips before submitting a request:
  • Review the material you would like to use for any credit lines. Cengage Learning is unable to grant permission for material licensed from third parties.
  • If requesting permission from an in-print textbook, please note that Cengage Learning will only grant permission for 10% or less of an in-print textbook. If you require slightly more than 10%, please provide a reason (i.e. entire chapters are requested, shipment delay, majority of the material requested is third party and won't be used, material isn't in the latest edition of the textbook, etc).
  • Is your professor/school an adopter of the textbook? If yes, please note this in your request. We will take this into consideration when processing your request.
  • If you received permission from Cengage Learning directly in the past, to increase our response time please provide us with your old request ID number in the notes section. This reduces the amount of research involved, especially if special consideration was required for the past permission.
  • Please submit your requests early. Our typical response time is within 5-15 business days. If your request is urgent, please send us an email with your course start date at and we will do our best to rush your request.
  • Many of our titles are available at Copyright Clearance Center, to use material in electronic or print course pack can be requested and granted instantly at Please note that the 10% rule for in-print material still applies at the Copyright Clearance Center. Therefore, if you have an exception please submit a request at