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In-Store Marketing

To help you sell more in your college store, we've created a reference guide to our most popular digital products,so you and your staff are better prepared to answer students' questions. We also have new product shelf tags which can be customized with course-specific information, such as student savings, to help increase sell-through.



Digital Quick Reference - the Digital Quick Reference, or DQR as we like to call it, provides features of our key digital products, as well as contact information for Cengage Learning Customer Service and Technical Support. If you flip the DQR over, on the back-side there's information on our Access Code Checker, which will let you know if an "exposed" or "opened" access code has been activated and if it's still valid, making the student refund process easier and more efficient.

Download the Digital Quick Reference (DQR) Flyer


Shelf Tags

We've recently created new shelf tags for our key digital products. Our goal is to capture students' attention by sharing what other students are saying about the benefits of using our products. We also mention that the product is "required for your course". And, there's a customizable field which can be tailored to course-specific information.