Effective July 20, 2021 our Departments Plus website was sunset. Cengage customers who were previously utilizing our Departments Plus website will now be able to utilize our Service Plus website with their existing credentials. Need Support?

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In-Store Marketing

To help you help students save in your store, we’ve created resources that will help them learn more about Cengage products and the benefits of a Cengage Unlimited plan, as well as help your staff answer any student questions they may receive.


Shelf Talkers

These shelf talkers will help capture students’ attention as they browse your shelves for the Cengage products they’ve been assigned and let them know they can save with Cengage Unlimited or Cengage Unlimited eTextbooks.



Display a stack of the Cengage Unlimited Student Flyer in your store to help students understand the benefits of a Cengage Unlimited plan, or you can also display the Student Right Fit Flyer to help them determine which Cengage product is the right fit for them. Plus, you can also share the Course List Flyer to showcase all of the Cengage courses that are included in a Cengage Unlimited plan too. You can also download and print copies of the Employee Cheat Sheet so your employees are trained on the key elements of Cengage Unlimited or Cengage Unlimited eTextbooks, should any students they interact with have questions.