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What web browsers can I use to access ServicePlus?

The following web browsers are fully supported by ServicePlus:

  • Internet Explorer 7 and newer
  • Firefox 3.6 and newer
  • Safari

Recent versions of Chrome and Opera will work without major issues.

What is the CENGAGE LEARNING Discount Shipping Program and who can join?

The new Cengage Learning freight program is offered to all qualifying Cengage Learning customers currently using collect freight terms.

The current market has provided an opportunity for Cengage Learning to offer a discount freight program for qualifying customers who currently have collect freight terms and do not currently participate in a Cengage Learning prepaid freight program.

It provides CENGAGE Learning customers with:

  • Up to a 15% savings over the current market freight rates
  • Labor savings by eliminating the office task of writing checks to pay the freight carriers
  • Improved profitability by including freight payment with your Cengage product payment

When our customers are successful, we are successful and this is a partnership you can take to the bank!!!

Click here to view sample savings

The Cengage program is right for you if you want to:

  1. Save money and cut your shipping expenses
  2. Eliminate the task of writing checks direct to transportation companies
  3. Eliminate the task of filing loss and damage claims with carriers and the grief associated with collecting payment
  4. Improve your cash flow by paying freight costs at the same time you pay your Cengage Learning invoice for products purchased
  5. Improve the efficiency of your sales order processing cycle
  6. Improve your profitability

Unlike the national associations that charge a membership fee to join their program, Cengage Learning offers our program for freeŮ So it costs $0.00, the rates are lower and there are no commitments.

This is truly a win-win partnership with Cengage Learning that provides great savings.

Does Cengage Learning offer a Rush Reorder Program?

Effective November 15, 2007, Cengage Learning discontinued their Rush Reorder Program.

What is the Stock Locator Program?

When Cengage Learning is out-of-stock on an active title, Customer Service can assist by providing a list of other stores that have purchased the title in question. You can obtain this information by giving Customer Service the ISBN in question and you can then contact the listed stores to arrange a stock transfer. Cengage Learning does not get involved in either the transfer of stock or the financial reconciliation. Remember that this service is for current, active titles only.

Does Cengage Learning have an Inventory in Place program?

Cengage Learning has discontinued their Inventory in Place program.

What is the Returns Policy?

The Returns Policy can be found here.

What is the procedure for counting cartons before signing for a shipment and how do I make claims?

Counting cartons when signing נIt is the receiving persons responsibility to verify carton count (not skid count) of all incoming shipments. If this is not done and if there is a shortage later that has not been noted on the POD, no claim can be filed. Marking the delivery receipt subject to count does not take away customer liability. All cartons must be counted and signed for.

Damaged cartons when signing נThe receiving person must note all visible damages on delivery receipt as well as call the delivering terminal within 48 hours to arrange a damage inspection. Once the inspection has been done, the customer will need to call into Cengage Learning customer service to advise them of the damages and fax a copy of the inspection to the customer service representative. If this is not done, no claim can be filed.

If the damages are not visible when signing in the shipment, then the customer will need to call the carrier immediately and advise the carrier of the damages. The carrier then will arrange a damage inspection. Once the customer receives a copy of the inspection report, he/she will need to call customer service to advise what has been damaged and fax a copy of the inspection report.

Mixed cartons in pallet when signing נIf the receiving person notices cartons that do not belong to them when signing for their shipment, they need to refuse those cartons and make note on the delivery receipt of how many cartons were refused and why.

What is Cengage Learning's Deferred Shipment policy?

In response to customer requests, Cengage Learning does accept orders that specify deferred shipping. Please note, however, that if stock is low, it is possible to experience out-of-stocks when the order releases on the deferred ship date.

What is Cengage's InfoTrac Card Replacement Policy?

InfoTrac cards that are stolen or missing from new Cengage textbooks can be replaced through Cengage Learning Customer Service at 800-354-9706.

If you need to return a book from which the InfoTrac card has been removed, request the replacement card via Customer Service at the toll-free number referenced above. After receiving the replacement card, please note the following before making your return:

  • Books purchased with the InfoTrac card bound in should be shrinkwrapped with the InfoTrac card placed on the page with the remaining bound in tab before returning.
  • Books purchased with the InfoTrac card loose inside the front cover should be shrinkwrapped with the InfoTrac card placed inside the front cover and stickered with the original InfoTrac package ISBN before returning.
What is Cengage Learning's Pricing Structure?

Cengage Learning has a one-price structure for its college textbooks. The policy ensures that on-line retailers, distributors, and college bookstores will all pay one uniform net price when purchasing college textbooks from Cengage Learning. Price increases are generally restricted to 5/1 and 11/1; however, prices are subject to change without notice.

What is Cengage Learning's Price Quote Policy?

Price Quotes: Cengage Learning products are subject to change at any time. Typically price increases occur in May and November. Any pricing quoted by a Cengage Learning employee will be honored if the quote was provided in writing and the order is placed within 30 days of the original written quote. Adjustments will not be issued outside of these parameters.

What is the Bundling Time in Cengage?

Bundling Time:24-48 hours

How can I find out more about

For more information, contact at

Customer Service
Phone: 800ֳ54ֹ706

Detailed information about the program, registration and FAQs can be found on the page.

If you don't see the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact Customer Service.